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“Great people, great atmosphere,
great runs, great bosses.”

-19 year family member

Linda P. "Recruit"

“One of the best jobs I’ve enjoyed
in 30 years with a company
dedicated to honest dealing.”

-1 year family member

Kerry B. "Wildthang"

“We had good days and bad, but the good
have far outweighed the bad.”

-20 year family member

Jimmy C. "Country Gentleman"

“It’s a family where you’re not just
another truck number or driver.”

-19 year family member

Byron S. "Lil' Scufflin'"

“It’s a place where you
communicate with your owners,
not just hear about them.”

-17 year family member

Senior Member Leon J.

“I’ve enjoyed JNJ for over 24
years and always felt I couldn’t
find a better boss.”

-28 year family member and top seniority employee

Louis L. "Lightning"

“More than a number.
Good equipment, well-cared for.”

-22 year family member and top seniority road driver

Happy Retirement and THANK YOU for your years of service