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JNJ Express is committed to making a difference.

At JNJ Express, we believe it is our corporate responsibility to give back to our communities. We know that our success comes from our employees, their families, and the communities where they live. This is our way to not only say, but demonstrate how thankful we are for our JNJ Family.

Good Works Value Project

JNJ is honored to support Mary Addisyn’s Good Works Value Project and her goal to help an African orphanage. Her uncle stationed overseas with the Air Force and JNJ helped deliver all the donations to the orphanage #jnjfamily #giveback #happyholidays


JNJ Family Lunch

After another delicious lunch from JNJ, the kids went for a ride in our big blue truck with John Jr. and had a blast! This is why we say JNJ Family. We are grateful for every one that makes this company great, including the kiddos! Thank you #jnjfamily #givethanks #thankatrucker

CVSA Certificate for JNJ Express

JNJ is grateful to receive this certificate from the CVSA. Safety first for our JNJ Family #jnjfamily #jnjexpress #csva


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